Thursday, October 30, 2008

Futurama: Bender's Game

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.....

Also, is there a future for Futurama?

Cautiously optimistic

That's what I am right now. I expect that Barack Obama will become the next President of the United States, but I thought Kerry would win so what do I know. The polls look good. Now let's just sit and wait.
Our ballots have been turned in. For those of you that don't know, Oregon is the only state where we vote by mail. We don't have election day polling places, touch screen voting machines, or hour-long waiting lines. I actually voted in front of my computer, taking each ballot measure for a ride around the intertubes, checking and double checking what various progressive sites/blogs had to say about the repercussions of each one. That scares the hell out of the Republican Party, I know. Informed electorate. Yikes.
Here are my feelings about the state of the race so eloquently written by someone else.
Thanks Bill in Portland Maine!

Closing Appeals

Dear America,
Mine mine mine.
Me Me Me Me Me Me Me!
Mine mine mine mine mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine!
In conclusion: Fear fear fear fear. Very scary fear!
The Republican Party

P.S. If you liked Joseph McCarthy, you'll love us!

Dear America,
Us. We. Together. Americans. United States.
Hope compassion equality inclusiveness competence.
Brains common sense community respect hard work accountability.
Action change responsibility. More viewpoints, smarter solutions.
In conclusion: Yes we can.
The Democratic Party.

P.S. Vote.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Political rant

Those of you who have known me for sometime know that I am a proud liberal. Those of you who have known me since my adolescent days remember something different.

In college, I regularly introduced myself as "the most liberal republican you'll ever meet." My social leanings were liberal but my fiscal leanings were decidedly conservative. Or so I thought.

You see, I was duped by the message machine. I honestly believed that Ronnie Reagan really was "the Great Communicator" and was tough, strong, and principled. That's what the message said and so that is what I believed.

When George HW Bush ran against Michael Dukakis, I believed the machine again when they said Dukakis was too liberal to be trusted, and then Mike got into that tank and all was lost. I even have a picture of my dorm room and right there on the wall is a bumper sticker for George. Terrifying.

It wasn't until I actually started to think about politics that I realized that I was a sucker. A jive turkey. It is a great disappointment to think back and know that the first time I voted in a presidential election I voted for pappy Bush; but even worse knowing that if I had been of voting age, I would have voted for Ronald Reagan in 1984. Shocking.

These days I am a down the ballot Democrat. I wish the party were more liberal, but we must take baby steps. More democrats first, better democrats second. We can't afford more conservative judges on the supreme court. Not even one more.

I find it hard to believe there are still undecided voters out there. I'd love to write about them, but I'll let a professional do it instead. Word.
Ladies and gentlemen, David Sedaris.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Our house

For those of you who have not been over yet, our challenge with this house is parking during parties.
About 4 cars can fit in the driveway. So, some of you may have to park in the darker blue area just north of the house next to Johnson Creek. It's only a short walk up the hill and around the corner. There is also an unpaved dead-end side street with no sidewalks (I know, it sounds so appealing) on the opposite side of the street from our house (in the lighter blue). I'd call that one "last resort" kind of parking.

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You had me at "awesome-teen"