Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I like Bob Costas

I'm not a follower of the Olympics. Never really have been. It's too hyped up.
In these past Games, an Australian diver won the gold in dramatic fashion. The Chinese men were supposed to sweep the Mens 10m Platform event. Matthew Mitcham won the event with his final dive, earning the highest recorded score ever by a man for an Olympic dive.
The coverage of this feat was minimal, and there was no mention of his out status.
Just after this non-coverage, a website ( that focuses on "news, reviews & commentary on gay and bisexual men in entertainment and the media" filed a complain with NBC. NBC responded twice, once commenting that they had no issue with their coverage and then shortly after apologizing for their lack of coverage (kind of a McCain style turn-around).
Anyway, this same website interviewed Bob Costas on this issue. It's a fairly good read.
via - NBC’s Bob Costas Discusses Gays in Sports

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MNF - What defense?

There is nothing more disappointing, pathetic or embarrassing that I can tell you about myself than this: my mood during football season really depends on whether the Dallas Cowboys win or lose games. That, ladies and gentlemen, is tragedy.
Last night's MNF game with Dallas hosting the Eagles was a crazy game. I am glad the Cowboys won, but I'd prefer that they won games 21-3 and not 41-37. My heart could go the way of my gallbladder if that keeps up this season.

I do like making fun of Dallas fans, though.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm bored

So I've been stuck at home recuperating from my surgery and am bored stiff. I've watched tv, read the intertubes, talked on the phone, and now I'm done. Poor Steve was bored Saturday morning. I've got a higher tolerance for boredom I guess (what with all that ship-board living I did some years back).
I'm improving daily and am now able to sit down in our slouchy sofa and chairs without having to ask for help getting back up. The one thing I haven't been able to do yet is sleep on my side.
Yeah, you all care sooo much I'm sure. :)

The one thing I did earlier (Friday afternoon) was try and watch the most recent Futurama DVD with the commentary on. I had to stop because I was laughing so hard it hurt. Drove me right to the Oxycodone. Damned Futurama.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm home - Part II

More details:

Steve went to work for a bit and the surgeon called him after the surgery to update him on my status and when I'd be coming out of the anesthesia. That was nice of the doctor.

I awoke after the surgery in the recovery room. I don't remember much here either. It was a big room and I was against one wall, so I could see the whole thing. There was a woman across the row facing me and she had a breathing tube in her mouth. There was a nurse talking to me a lot, but I don't remember what she was saying. After some time (10 minutes? 1 hour?) they got me ready to send me to my room. A very, very, very hot nurse/orderly guy came over and rolled my bed to my room. I may have said inappropriate things to him but I can't recall.

The rest is rather uneventful. Steve came back after a bit (maybe 3 or 4?) and stayed with me most of the evening. What a trooper! I was mostly in and out of sleep so he sat there quietly reading his book, chatting with me in my drugged state and watching whatever TV channel I had picked (probably HGTV - he loves that channel - just ask him). They kept taking my vitals and giving me good dope every two hours.

Noland, Matt, and any other boys - begin fantasy here.

Just after Steve left for the evening, the shift changed and two new nurses came by to introduce themselves. They were both hot. Blond, young, thin. They were just as nice as nice could be. They usually came in together. I wonder what else they did together.

Okay, end fantasy. I'm not good at writing lesbian porn for straight guys, I know.

I drifted in and out of sleep most of the night because of all the visits for pain, vitals, blood, etc. At about 11, the nurse came in and asked if I wanted to try walking around. This led to the dizziness and nausea from the earlier post.

Morning finally rolled around and Steve was back to take me home. The surgeon came back to check on me and approved my release. After some paper work, I was released. I changed back into my clothes. Just as I was pulling on my shirt, Steve noticed that I had something attached to my left side, just above the hip. It was one of those suction cups used to monitor things that was left over from the surgery! No big deal, but I had the nurse come back to check and make sure I could take it off. I was wheeled out to Steve's car and we made it home.

And here I am, one day later, feeling much better. I'm still sore, and I've noticed that all of our chairs (couch, love seat, recliner, etc) are a bit too low for comfort right now. Getting in and out of them is not as easy as it used to be but it is easier today than yesterday. Hopefully that pattern will continue.

That's it. Exciting, I know.

I'm home

My surgery went quickly and my overnight stay was uneventful, except for one short episode where I tried to get up and walk (with the nurse's help) and became too dizzy and nauseated to continue.

The nursing staff was nice and competent (except for the whole needle in the arm thing - I was poked a total of 5 times for the IV and blood draw with 2 successful). One nurse was a bit scatter-brained but was nice enough.
For those interested in the details, read on.
For the rest of you, know that I am feeling much better today than yesterday and am walking around freely at home with just minor discomfort. I appreciate all the well wishes.

Now for some details Part I of the experience.

Steve and I arrived at the hospital Thursday morning at about 7:50 am. You can do most of your check-in early (on the web or by phone). I was instructed not to bring any personal things, including money, wallet, id, insurance cards, etc. I guess it is unlikely someone would impersonate me just to get a free surgery, but that seemed a bit weird.
Within a few minutes, a nice older lady volunteer called my name and escorted us to the prep room which was a basic hospital room for one. It was freezing in there. I got naked and slipped on the hospital gown you are all familiar with: hideous pattern and open in the back. Several nurses came in and took my vital signs and inserted my IV (this of the 3 pokes). The nurse who was unsuccessful (she tried twice) was very apologetic and said poking was her best skill.

Stop giggling like a school girl, Noland.

One funny thing was when she first walked in she asked a few questions and then commented how well I spoke english. Yup.

Anyway, my surgery was scheduled for 9:45 but that slipped to about 10:30. My surgeon came in and talked a bit, giving us the low down on the whole thing. Just before carting me away, the anesthesiologist came by and asked a few questions, and gave me the details on the next 10 minutes or so. He was funny and reminded me a bit of Dr. Romano from the early years of E.R. (I also saw the same actor in Seattle in a performance of "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged" which was hilarious.) They gave me some good stuff that started the descent into darkness. Then they rolled me away. Steve was with me the whole time and no one batted an eyelash. Cool.

Anyway, I was eventually wheeled into the operating room. It was pretty big, with lots of overhead lights on giant arms that could swing around. I don't remember much about this, but I do remember that the company's name was placed in giant letters on each of the arms. Kind of a waste of advertising if you ask me since I can't remember the name. Anyway, there were lots of people in there and everyone was talking to me. I remember some music playing but I have no idea on the particulars. This very handsome nurse (interesting which details I remember) came over and started talking to me. Then the anesthesiologist put the mask over my face and asked me to breathe deep. I remember looking over to my right and seeing a big desk and my surgeon looking through some papers. I hope he wasn't "brushing up" on what to do.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's set

My gallbladder removal surgery (medically called a Laparoscopic cholecystectomy) will be on Thursday, September 11th, at 9:45 at the Providence Portland Hospital .
I'll be staying over night on recommendation of my doctor. I expect to be "laid up" for a few days following the surgery. Yippee.