Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday fun

We went out to some wineries today with Sandy and AJ. It was fun. First, we had lunch at Madison's Grill. Then we drove out to the Anne Amie Vineyard. They are part of the wine club and had to pick up their regular purchase of wines. Sandy, being good and pregnant, was the designated driver after our winery stops. We had a nice FREE tasting of several varieties (some better than others). There were lots of people there, so we made fun of the freaks. Bad hair, heavy makeup, terrible clothes, high-heel boat shoes. You get the idea.
We then drove around and found another winery. Scary! It was Carlo and something, and it was a real shack, with broken down cars in the yard and everything. Terrifying. We ended up in a winery that had a wine we lovingly called "Jesus Juice". It was made from grapes from Canaan, or something similarly alarming. The wine was awful. All red, all smelly, and all gross.
We found the McMenniman's Grand Lodge and had some munchies, then proceeded to play a round of frisbee "golf". It was fun, except when I managed to get my frisbee into the only water hazard. Twice. Just like the real thing, I guess. Oh, and there were doggie land mines all over the field. Fun!
For dinner, we went to the McCormick's Restaurant in Highway 8 in Beaverton. Yum. Good food. We were stuffed.
Made it home about 9:30. Exhausted and feeling like a ripe watermelon ready to burst.

Monday, April 04, 2005

So, now what?
As it turns out, the Pope happens to be dead. Too bad. And Terry Schiavo died recently, so that must mean their deaths are related. Both to be sainted soon... On other fronts, DeLay is in trouble in TexAss, Charles and Camilla are postponing (as if anyone really cared), and former 98 Degrees "star" Justin Jeffre is serious about Cincinatti politics.
In other news, Bill O'Reilly is taking a stand against terrorists - at the ACLU. Yes, Virginia, he's for real. I also heard a very funny clip on the Al Franken Show on Air America where Bill is talking nonsense about looking a POW captive in the eye if the captive knows where capture Americans are located. He was going on and on about being tough and making sure this guy knew that he meant business. Blah, blah. Then this caller from Portland, "Robert", asks Bill if he ever served in the military. "No." Then he asks why Bill would lie about something so serious. Don't you know people listen to you, Bill? Bill told him to stuff his pansy mouth. In the background you can hear the guy say "Fair and Balanced" and it sets ol' Bill off. He screams at the guy, calling him a crazy wimpy liberal from O-Ray-Gone, hangs up on him and tells him to shove his weasley "Fair and Balanced" comments up his ass. Go Robert from Portland!