Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So much for living forever

My organs are failing. Okay, that's overly dramatic. One organ is failing and it wants to go out in a blaze of glory. It's known as the cholecyst, or gallbladder.
Steve drove me to the Providence Milwaukee emergency room this morning about 12:30am because I was having an attack of monumental proportions. (okay, more melodrama.)
It appears I have Gallbladder Disease and gallstones. Fantastic. The most likely scenario is surgery, although it can be managed to some degree with diet. Right.
I've got an appointment with my doctor Friday and a specialist next Wednesday to see what (and when) it goes down.

Poor Steve sat in the waiting room of a Milwaukee emergency room for a few hours until he came back to my "room" to visit. At least it wasn't as freakish as I expected. I've been watching too much TV.

Surgery. Cool.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Okay, I just have to post about this.

Via, we have an internet email regarding a change in paid holiday for workers in a Tyson plant in Tennessee - here.
It seems that a good portion of the workers are resettled Somali refugees and Muslims. In the most recent negotiated labor contracts, they requested to have the 3-day Muslim holiday of Eid-alFitr in place of the traditional Labor Day holiday as a paid holiday. The company agreed. 1000 of the 1200 employees are covered under this agreement.
Now, on principle, I have no issue with these employees and union asking for and receiving this change. As a strong supporter of the rights of workers to organize and join unions, I am a little disappointed that Labor Day would be removed, but I'll get over that.
What I find ignorant is the reactionary response from the loonies. The email going around mentions that this is just one example of removing holidays and symbols that made America the "Greatest Country on Earth." As if the French or English grow up chanting "we're #2, we're #2." The email also has this warning attached (in all caps): FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR FAMILY, BE VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU VOTE FOR IN NOVEMBER. A not so veiled swipe at Obama, to be sure.
So, a vote for Obama is a vote against Labor Day, Christmas, Columbus Day. And I suppose a vote for McCain is for Labor? Right.