Friday, May 30, 2008 and intelligent discussion

If you haven't been to, please visit the site.
It is an amazing collection of very smart people talking about a variety of things. I've seen several of the videos, and although I don't always agree with the presenters, it's nice to see intelligent people speaking intelligently about all sorts of things.
Here's a link to a few videos that I have found interesting.
1. Amory Lovins: We must win the oil endgame - Amory Lovins lays out his simple plan for weaning the US off oil and revitalizing the economy. The middle is a bit dry, but his arguments are compelling.
2. J.J. Abrams: The mystery box - J.J. Abrams traces his love for the unseen mystery –- a passion that’s evident in his films and TV shows, including Cloverfield, Lost and Alias -- back to its magical beginnings.
3. Jennifer Lin: Magical improv from 14-year-old pianist - Amazing. And she's only 14 (at the time of this recording). Around the 13:30 mark she talks about how she composes pieces and art. At the the 16:35 mark, she begins her improv. Hilariously, she asks for a volunteer to pick notes from index cards and Goldie Hawn is the volunteer. I'm not sure Jennifer recognized that it was Goldie.

Things I am doing instead of packing...

It's ours!

The house closed yesterday. We officially own a house!
There is a rent back for the previous owners until June 8th when we get the keys.
Our plan is to go in that day and clean the house and carpets (they have dogs). We have movers set up to come by our current house on June 12th at 0900. We should be all moved out by the early afternoon.

Here are some other pics.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Foreman baby

Foreman baby
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Welcome baby Catriona Jade Foreman - 9lbs 1oz - born 5/16/2008 at 6:30am

Obama in press conference

Oh, I remember when Presidents were smart...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

SNL - funnier than usual


Kicked in the jimmy by his pastor

From the NYT story about Jenna Bush's wedding:

The wedding, which began at 7:30 p.m., took place on the Bush ranch, before a white limestone altar erected next to a man-made lake. The Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell of Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston officiated at the ceremony. Mr. Caldwell, a longtime religious adviser to Mr. Bush, has endorsed Senator Barack Obama.

Ah, sweet justice. Read the rest of the nauseating story here (if you must).

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Amazingly weak wizard fired for making a toothpick disappear

In a story that sounds more like something from the quaint 15th century, a Florida substitute teacher was fired for a lame magic trick and accused of the crime of wizardry.
Yup, you read that right. Wizardry.
What kind of a lame ass wizard (I imagine he's got several +5 swords of calamity and several anti-poison potions up his sleeves) gets caught by a classroom full of middle school kids? This guy, apparently.
Take it away, Channel 13.